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Motion Graphics - collection of various projects

Motion graphics made for branding, intro and outro for videos, covers etc.

Motion Graphics.
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IBM internship - Help finding missing child

A system to help unite missing children to their family using IBM technologies.

UX. UI. 
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Microsoft Design Expo 2019 - Project Cope

A platform that enables people to contribute towards disaster victim's well being.

Service Design. UX. UI. 
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Experience Design for Library - The Book Dock

Prevent falling of vertically stacked books while removing few from the same stack

Fixture Design. UX. 
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Navigation AR feature for Maps - navAR (offline)

An AR navigation app  to navigate users inside public spaces, Buildings, Campuses, Malls.

UX. UI. 
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Traffic Prevention at Railway Crossing (offline)

This ethnographic research aims to find  diverse aspects causing traffic at railway crossings

UX research
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Branding of Goan Chamucas - Luso Bites

Goan Chamuca is a trace of Portuguese-Indian ties during colonization in Goa, Daman & Diu

Brand Identity. Visual Language.
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Packaging design for Goan Chamucas - Luso Bites

This packaging for snacks does not include stitching or glue and also used as a plate.

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Window Display as an Interactive Space

back-wall of window display moves as a person moves in front.

Interaction Design. VM.
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Retail Fixture for Wearable Electronics (offline)

A display fixture to increase user engagement with the product.

Retail Display Unit
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Graphic Design. Retail Design.